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Meet Our Officers

Our officers are dedicated to ensuring that we do everything that we can to clothe kids in North Alabama.

Brandi Breeden

President / Co-Founder

Brandi is the life and soul of our organization. She pours herself into the day to day operations, administrative tasks, outreach, and vision of Clothe Our Kids of North Alabama.

Perry Jeffers

Vice President

Perry serves as our Vice President. He dedicates his time to assist Brandi with many day to day activities as well as offering guidance and wisdom in the vision and planning of our operations.

Michael Breeden

Secretary / Treasurer / Co-Founder

Michael serves as our Secretary and Treasurer. He helps out with the day to day activities as often as possible, but the majority of his work happens behind the scenes. He dedicates his time after his day job to building and maintaining our website.

Clothe Our Kids of North Alabama Board of Directors

Brandi Breeden
Michael Breeden
Melanie Burger
Perry Jeffers
Amanda McAlpin
Cindy Sandoval