Our Work

Giving clothes. Showing love. Building confidence.


Our Process

We have a simple process to get clothing and hygiene items into the hands of kids who need them


We rely 100% on your clothing and financial donations to ensure we can provide for all of the kids who need our help.


We inspect all of the apparel that we collect for stains, holes, or excessive wear and keep only the items that a child can wear with confidence.


At the request of a school official or child advocate pack a bag of hand-picked clothing and necessary hygiene items.


We deliver each bag to the school or organization to be given to the child in need.

What's In The Bag

We know that the children we help may have different clothing needs. Many children will be starting with nothing that fits them. Many will have nothing they feel confident wearing to school. Others may just need a coat, a pair of shoes, or just hygiene items. Our goal is to meet the need of each kid we help, so we customize each bag we give based on the specific need of that child.

Who We Help

Many of us take for granted the fact that we can give our kids clean clothes that fit and are appropriate for school. We might be surprised to learn that children in our kids classes do not have this same luxury. Kids can be without proper clothing for a number of reasons:


  • Poverty

  • Low Income

  • Job Loss

  • Disability

  • Death

Absent Parents

  • Orphan

  • Foster Care

  • Prison


  • Fire

  • Tornado

  • Flood

We want to help kids in each of these situations by giving them clothing that fits well, is lightly used or new, and is appropriate for school. We rely on school officials or other child advocate organizations to contact us on behalf of the children so that we can protect the child’s anonymity.

How We Operate

Closed to Public

We are unique because we are closed to the public. We operate through local schools and other organizations by receiving requests from teachers, counselors, principals, or other child advocates.


We know that it is difficult for a parent to ask for clothing for their children. We believe that every request should be private between the school official or child advocate and the parents. For this reason, Clothe Our Kids of North Alabama will never know the identity of the children we provide clothing for. The school official or child advocate sends us general information with each request that includes only the child's gender, grade, school, and sizes. We bag up the clothing and hygiene items needed and deliver the bag to the school official or child advocate to discretely give to the child. The bags we use are plain and unmarked, so they will not draw attention to children as they receive the bag at school to take it home.

Clothing with Confidence

We strive to give each child the best clothing we can so they can go to school feeling confident. To make this possible, we only give clothing that is in great condition - that means no stains or tears.